Installed at the Watson Symington Preserve as part of the New Canaan Land Trust Sculpture Trail on view from April- October 2020.  Chris's labyrinth was created from rocks gathered on site at the preserve. The Labyrinth is now a permanent installation. The preserve is open to the public and the Labyrinth is free and available for walking.

New Canaan Land Trust Sculpture Trail

A labyrinth is not a maze, nor a puzzle to be solved. It is not intended to trick you or challenge you with vexation, but it is a singular path to be traveled. One followed by choice. One where the destination is the journey, and time and the space for contemplation the purpose.

A labyrinth is a line, often considered as a line convoluted, with compounded twists and turns. The very word labyrinthine is a term to describe that which is complicated and intricate. But at its core, at the heart of it, a labyrinth is just a line. One without distractions, one without choices and options. It is a singular line to follow. One that is chosen by the walker, not forced upon them. The invitation to walk a labyrinth is just that, an invitation. It is not a demand, or even a request, it is an option. One chosen when you feel the need, the pull, the desire. The desire to take on a path, or a pilgrimage. The desire to take a moment to both focus and expand your attentions.

For some it is a chance to set out with an intention, a question. For most it works best when you don’t try to answer that question, but just walk with the question, and see how it changes, and reveals more of itself, with each footstep.

Please consider, and accept, if you so wish, this invitation. This invitation to all who feel the need, pull or aspiration to undertake walking this labyrinth, and to do so with appreciation and gratitude to all who join, have joined, or will join, the path we share together.