Flip up the silver toggle switch on either (or both) of the two black transmitters with retractable antennas and a red light illuminates. You are ready to begin transmitting by depressing the engage button. Adjustment of the signal is achieved through the manipulation of the knob. As the transmitters are moved about the space the strength of their reception by the television sets increases and decreases according to proximity. If the two transmitters are brought near each other while transmitting, the interference creates new patterns on the television screens that could not be produced by one transmitter alone.

Two obsolete iTrip FM transmitters have been repurposed to transmit a square wave at the bottom end of the VHF video broadcast band. Analogue televisions are able to receive this signal and display the results on screen. As those who interact with the piece turn on and off the transmission and adjust the signal while moving around the space they discover their agency over this transmission, the boundaries of their spheres of influence through this transmission, and how the mingling of their transmission with those of others can create both interference and new unexpected results.

This installation is created as part of and with help from the ExiTrip project.