On the second floor of the Humanities building at Purchase College, in a dark empty corner office with floor to ceiling windows, four televisions sit on a counter facing into the hall and play a constantly changing video. The flash and movement of the screens attract the attention of passing students, staff, and professors as they are drawn to peer through the windows into the otherwise dark office to investigate the source. A program written by the artist blends four different video loops starting, stopping, and mixing each one through slowly shifting filters and effects to produce a hyperkinetic and convoluted sequence. 

The result is a mesmerizing and continuously evolving matrix of images that includes ghostly figures, an individual dressed in academic regalia who is constantly eating, bright fields of changing color squares, and a crash test recorded from above. The formal aspects of the video, the arrangement of the televisions, and their relationship to the counter beneath them address concepts of physical spacing, while the complex and engaging, yet ultimately senseless, video gives reference to the media barrage that often leads people to mentally "spacing out."