DFOC: Discover/Follow/Observe/Capture Walk Collaborative Walking Project

Designed by Chris Kaczmarek and collaboratively created with participants of
The Crit Lab AltMFA

A Collaborative video project through a custom generative video Max Patch created by Christopher Kaczmarek and completed by the inclusion of content collected by participants of the November 15, 2020.

DFOC Walk Artists:

Christopher Kaczmarek (coder and deisgner), Christine Aaron, Alexandra Rutsch Brock, Carol Bouyoucos, Martha Chason-Sokol, Dawn Edmondson, Heide Follin, Rima Grad, Katherine Jackson, Susan Luss, Revi Meicler, Laura Miller, Patricia Miranda, Lisa Orjuela, Deborah Peeples, Barbara Weiss, Dianna Woolley, Jo Yarrington

DFOC Discover/Follow/Observe/Capture Walk Walk Prompts (with AltMFA addendums)

•Leave your space.

•Discover a line.

•Follow the line for as far as it takes you. (Walk for 20 minutes away from your space. If your initial line ends. Discover another at its terminus, and continue your journey.)

•As you progress away from your space, capture the largest gesture you observe. (capture a video clip from 10-15 seconds of the gesture)

•Once you reach the end of the line, return to your space.

•As you progress closer to your space, capture the smallest gesture you observe. (capture a video clip from 10-15 seconds of the gesture)

(Upload your 2 video clips to the walking project folder in the shared google drive when you return.)

Stills from the project: