A faint sound of music leaks from one of the small rooms of the Student Center Gallery at Purchase College. It is the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz singing, "If I Only Had a Brain." As you approach the open room you see a black curtain splitting the space, behind the curtain you can see a sliver of The Wizard of Oz playing in vibrant color. To step into the room you must step up onto a raised square platform that is bound by a black steel railing. The railing restricts your entry, and your ability to see behind the curtained area of the room. Below and to your right sits a small soundless black and white television and a framed lottery ticket on a low oddly shaped pedestal. 

The images on the television switch between the clip of the Wizard of Oz that is playing behind the curtain, archival footage of historic lotteries, both for money and the military draft, and an overhead video feed of the viewer that is captured by a hidden surveillance camera. The lotto ticket's seemingly improbable numbers are "1,2,3,4,5,6" numbers that are actually statistically as probable as any others. The floor you are standing on starts to shake and rumble as transducers turn the very surface you are standing on into a membrane to produce sound. You feel a subway train coming into the station through your feet at the same time that you hear it in your ears. This physical and aural sensation overrides the sound produced by the looping clip of the singing scarecrow. As the train leaves the station the sounds and sensation diminishes, leaving you once again with the lotto ticket, the silent black and white television and the song of the scarecrow behind the curtain.