Refresh! Exhibition ODETTA Digital

ODETTA Digital is celebrating its First Anniversary with Refresh!

Looking forward, the hybridization of digital and physical exhibition space inspires collaboration and interdisciplinary concepts. Both dynamic and mindful of predecessors, this rich and open dialogue places artists in an extraordinary time where together we are rebooting the art world.

70 artists are presented in this exhibition, an Artsy exclusive. For Refresh! ODETTA’s director, Ellen Hackl Fagan, invited member artists to co-curate this exhibition’s home page.
Amy Cheng and Alison Cuomo contributed their eyes and minds to this project.

Chris Kaczmarek, Luzia Casteneda, Jane Sangerman, Suzanne Benton, Nils Hill, Lady McCrady, Diane Englander, Camille Eskell, Roni Ramos, Joan Fitzsimmons, Charles Birnbaum, Loren Eiferman, Emily Berger, Fiona Ross, Ellen Hackl Fagan, Sue Carlson, Amy Vensel, Barbara Freedman, Anne Rynearson, Phoebe Twichell Peterson, Debbie Hesse, Michael Dal Cerro, Joan Grubin, Carole Kunstadt, Gwyneth Leech, Barbara O’Shea, Yari Ostovany, Tayo Heuser, Samantha Palmieri, Mary McFerran, Margaret Esme Simon, Denise Adler, Mimi Young, Jennifer Printz, Alison Cuomo, Tomoko Abe, Nancy McTague Stock, Lee Paine, Debra Pearlman, Cora Jane Glasser, Mary Jo Lombardo, Barbara Lubliner, Phylicia Tierney, Elke Solomon, Michele Brody, Kate Fauvell, Judith Steinberg, Kim Matthews, Linda Cunningham, Inka Justin, Joanne Lobotsky, Cindy MacCollum, Marjorie Sopkin, Connie Newton Stancell, Susan Hensel, Lisie Orjuela, Barbara Hocker, Doris Mady, Peggy Reeves, Stephanie Serpick, Amy Cheng, Joan B. Reutershan, Andra Samelson, Monique Allain, Bob Erickson, Sung Won Yun, Rita Valley, June Ahrens, Jim Felice, Ann Chernow