All Our Paths Lead to Here utilizes the lens of technology to investigate the relationship of the individual walking journey to a collective destination through the blending of individual experiences and their eventual convergence on a shared terminus.

A computer program designed as an empty vessel to be filled with participant content is utilized as participants are requested to video record their walking travel from a departure point of their choice during the event. There are no dictates as to what exactly they record during that time, just that they are consciously recording their walking experience. They choose the moment of significance and the content that will be captured within the video frame. The recordings, made by the participating individuals, are submitted for inclusion in the work. Once captured, they are procedurally remixed in real-time at the exhibition to combine all of the collected walking journeys into a generative silent video mash up experience.

This piece is created to provide a container where the content of the work is directly produced by the attendees and their personal walking journey, producing a structure that is almost a Mobius strip of self-reference between journey and presence, through attendee created content.