Each stair is wired with an individual sensor, capturing the impact and weight of your step. A custom fabricated five-speaker array mounted on the side of the stairs provides localized audio response that is mapped to your location. The large monitor to the side of the staircase provides a visual response to your presence and an indicator of how many steps there are till the next scene.

Scene one: The video jumps through a glitched version of Chris Marker’s film, La Jetée. The audio is made up of single words triggered by each step on the stairs. These words are grabbed randomly from banks of five samples that are assigned to each individual step. These sample banks follow the timeline of the movie from the start at the bottom till the end at the top.

Scene two: Each step triggers an electronic bleep/bloop that is either higher or lower in pitch depending on the weight of the impact on the step. The video is a 3D object onto which the waveform of the captured impact from the step is mapped. Each waveform travels down the object from top to bottom.

Scene three: Piano samples play with each footfall. Each stair step is assigned a different key, from high notes at the top to low notes at the bottom. The video reacts to each step with a changing field of color and texture.