This work was created as part of an IEA Residency at Alfred University.

A social and hardware/software structure for the collection and procedural remixing and presentation of audio and video that is produced by the participants as part of their travel to the event.

In order to attend the event participants use whatever video recording device they have (cell phone, still camera that has video capabilities, mini DV camera, Fisher Price PXL-2000 etc.) to record their travel from their departure point to the event. There are no dictates as to what exactly they record during that time, just that they are consciously recording their travel from the point of departure, to the location of the event. They may choose to edit in camera and turn the recording off and on, or to just let it run the entire time of their travel. People may record out the front window, the side window, or the ceiling or the sky of the train ride, the car ride, the bike ride, the walk or whatever. Once at the event they submit their recordings. Once captured, the recordings are procedurally remixed in realtime to combine all the collected recordings into one audio/video mash up experience. 

It seems that the infusion of social media, fan crated content and online discussion about any media event, with the broader context of the event there has been created a situation where this popularly created context is often greater and more interesting than the event itself. This piece was created to provide an event where the content of the event is literally about the people who are attending the event and their personal journey to the event. By creating a structure that is almost a Mobius strip of self-reference and attendee created content I work to insert awareness of this odd inversion into the participants.