Telegraph (Prespa)

Open for global participation, the artistic project, Telegraph (Prespa), consists of interrelated isolated segments of participation and interaction between individuals in Prespa, Greece and locations around the world who come together to form an integrated whole. Specific to the work is the idea of creating an interconnected, shared space of walking that is global in scope, but tethered to specific individual geographic areas. Through this project, Prespa becomes a hub of connection forming remote intimacies between distant locales where experience of place is encountered through walking and the transference of place through observation, exchange, and performance.

This artistic project allows for the entwinement of local and global participation as the observations, transferences, and recreations will occur in the space that is occupied by the selected participants.

Part of the International Walking Arts Encounters/Conference, Walking as a Question. Thirty local walks and walkshops, twenty hybrid walkshops and fifteen audio walks (in Prespa and remote), twenty online events (walkshops, talks and panels) take place together with a three day conference at the Prespa Lake at the border of Greece, North Macedonia and Albania. The walks in Prespa intersect with walks of ten hubs in three continents, bringing walking together to a global level. All events are for free and open for everyone.

Telegraph (Prespa), Chris Kazcmarek

The enactment of the work requests participants to engage in an exchange of walks, while following the below prompts:

Part 1:-Go for a short walk in your locale, at the farthest point of the walk, capture (through video) an observed gesture.-Translate that gesture into a written prompt that can be recited within a single breath.-Upload the video of the captured gesture, and your written prompt

Part 2:-Receive a written prompt describing a gesture to perform.-Go for a short walk in your locale, at the farthest point of the walk, perform the received prompt and capture your performance (on video.)-Upload the video of the performed gesture

Part 3:The third part is completed by the artist/organizers who collect the uploaded videos and written prompts, and edit them in a sequence that reveals and connects the spaces through a collective composition. As the captured gestures are paired and connected with the performed gestures through the written prompts, the spaces become conflated through an association of activity and participation.

Enactment of the work will occur during the period of time in which the Walking as a Question – International Walking Arts Encounters/Conference Prespa 2021 event is occurring. When complete, the resulting video documentation will be uploaded to a video streaming service and the link will be included in this event.