*Original courses developed for the School of Art+Design at Purchase College
°Curricular requirements

4D Processes*°
A foundation course required for all of the students in the School of Art+Design. This course is designed to introduce students with nontraditional and emergent practices incorporating animation, psychogeography, sound, video, performance, collaboration and community. In this course the focus is to engage students not only in the production of work, but also in the social and theoretical dimensions of contemporary artistic practice. Projects include silent animation, animation with sound, site-specific audio experiences, 24-hour rule based performance, screen based interaction and group collaboration/community work.

Materials and Methods*°

A required first semester sophomore course for all sculpture majors in the School of Art+Design that focuses on a technical approach to the traditional materials of wood and metal. Instruction includes both the planning and production of projects that engage design, theory and practical application, with a solid grounding in technique and craft. Projects include slotted forms, lap joint stools, pedestal construction/deconstruction, wall building, MIG and oxyacetylene welding, artist as fabricator/communicator and the secret sounds of steel

School of Art+Design Freshmen Seminar*°
A required seminar course for the first semester freshmen (approximately 125 each fall) in the School of Art+Design. In this course students are brought together into a collective community and guided through the transition semester as they became artists creating in a higher education context. Best practices for success and clear guidance on expectations and campus resources are presented along with in depth information about curriculum options in the School of Art+Design. The instructor of this course serves as the academic advisor for all students in the class until they are assigned an advisor in their area in the second semester of their freshman year.

Aural Electronics*
Offered as a School of Art+ Design elective and campus wide as an elective that will cover the arts category in the required CORE curriculum. In this course students build an understanding of basic electronic circuitry through the lens of producing sound. That knowledge is coupled with historical contexts that include experimental audio and performance art practices. As a final project, students design and build their own performance objects that address both the technical construction of the electronics inside the instrument and the relationship between the instrument and the player. The course culminates in a loud and enthusiastic collaborative full class performance

Introduction to Sculpture
Offered campus wide as an elective for non-visual arts majors that will cover the arts category in the required CORE curriculum. Students engage with multiple processes and approaches to sculptural creation. Projects include mold making, clay, plaster, direct carving, and bent wire.

Advanced Seminar in Technical Video*
Offered to upper level undergraduate and graduate students in the School of Art+Design, this course focuses on professional level video production techniques with instruction in lighting, audio recording, editing and camera functions. These themes are explored through self-initiated student projects.